It’s time for Chatime!




I just love milktea!

Upon arriving at Greenbelt, I initially thought of the milktea booth I read from a magazine!


Their stall was well-lit.

I skimmed their tea list.. chose one of their best-sellers: roasted rice milk tea! Mama got the typical pearl milk tea. We both got 50% sweetness..

When we handed our payment, the crew gave the vibrating disk. This would alert us once our drinks are ready.

Maybe you should grab your own Chatime!

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Massaged by Mr. Water!

I love spas and massages.

I also love frolicking in the water!

Months ago, my favorite online seller-turned-friend Mina of PlaygroundLove Shop gave me Belle De Jour coupons when I bought from her. One of the coupons was the Ace Water Spa Hydrotherapy Massage BOGOF (Buy One, Get One Free) treat. At first, I wondered what was hydrotherapy massage? Hydro? Water? Water massage?

Anyway, months or weeks passed… And so are the days! I just realized last Wednesday (June 15) that the coupon is only valid from January to June 2011. Realizing that I have a scheduled trip on the 21st to the 25th and got my usual duty days from the 26th to the 30th, I only got this weekend!

June 17! I woke up early enough to have time for the “unusual” massage. At 7:30 in the morning, we were off to the spa! Ace Water Spa has two branches: Quezon City and Pasig (the latter just opened this year). We opted to hit the Quezon City branch.

At first, when we arrive, we were astonished with the facade of the spa. It looked like a hotel. You will see their cafe as soon as you enter the establishment. The front desk attendant greeted us at once. We handed her the coupon and immediately gave us our tickets or passes together with the keys of our lockers after paying Php550 (Since it’s under the BOGOF promo, it was like paying for Php225 each,such a steal).

We headed to the stairs on the left side of the front desk. You can purchase or rent your swim suits before climbing up. Swimming trunks are around Php350 to 400. If you are going to rent it, you just need to pay Php150. I can not remember how much are the swim suits for the ladies since I brought mine. (I did not bother to check the price list… LOL)

On the 2nd floor, another attendant asked for our passes and slippers. Just like any other spa centers, females are separated from the males! I then entered the female locker room. I was a bit disappointed since the door of my locker is a bit misaligned. If no one is guarding the area, someone can take a peek of my stuff inside. =(

However, I didn’t mind that minor booboo.  I changed into my swimming attire and took a shower. As I was walking around the locker room-shower room-changing room area, I was a bit uncomfortable. They did not provide any slippers! (Not so hygienic) Another negative comment from me. Sorry!

Two minor negative points…

These were replaced with the excitement to dip into the water the hydromassage area!

They have a tarpaulin which posted that the whole area has 26 different massage treatments plus the hot herbal pools, cold pool and lapping pool. We instantly soaked our bodies!

There are different types of massages: soft, moderate and hard. If I remembered it correctly, the massage methods were properly labeled and the placards were color-coded. Yellow for soft, green for moderate and red for hard (Hope I got them right.). Take time to read the information for each of the massages. You will get to know the health benefits and advised period of time for you to indulge yourself on a specific massage. There are buttons on each of the massage points. No need for you to press it to stop the water pressure. It would turn off on its own. I think it automatically shuts down after the allowable time indicated on the cards of each area.

After experiencing all of the massages, we tried the hot pools. Kids are not allowed in this area. Those with cardiovascular disorders are also advised not to indulge themselves with these. However, you can try at your own risk. The center placed a lot of reminders regarding this. The first one was the really green mint pool. It’s temperature is 36 degrees Celsius. You can easily tolerate this if you are used to using water heaters for bathing. They are advising the you dip your feet first then slowly immerse the rest of your body. Do not forget to place your neck over the cold towel (not a literal towel… it’s a metal bar). You can stay in the pool for at least 3 to 5 minutes then you have to cool down. You can either use the bucket pull or cold pool. (I prefer the bucket. I can’t take the coolness of the pool.)

After cooling down, you can try the 38 degrees Celsius Jasmine pool. I felt relaxed in this. The temperature was perfect for me. Once again, you have to cool down after a couple of minutes. For the last herbal pool, I loved the scent: Lavander at 40 degrees Celsius. This pool may be the hottest but I still enjoyed it. It was like pampering your skin while being massaged by the water through its pressure.

Next stop: Sauna and steam!

I really do not like staying in a steam room of any spa center. Maybe because I feel like I can not breathe. However, I still got myself in. I stayed for a couple of minutes and then pulled the tag again of the bucket (cooled down at once). Lastly, I went in the sauna room. I like the ambiance: wooden floor and walls. Other spas also used wood for their floor and walls but I like Ace Water Spa’s because it was neat looking. (Maybe I was just being bias…LOL)

As what we have read in the note, we got into our styro boards and let the lazy river move us around. They are advising that you relax yourself through this part of the pool after staying in the hot pools, sauna or steam. We circumnavigated the river within the massage area thrice (or more?!).

Since we already had plans for the rest of the day, we decided to take our last round of massages and lazy ride. (Be sure to maximize your 4-hour limit inside the venue. Though you can extend, the rate will be a hundred or more for every succeeding hour.)

Time for shower and dressing up!

Again, I was bothered walking around the shower room barefooted.

All in all… My Ace Water Spa experience was one-of-a-kind. Now, I can describe how it feels like being massaged by Mr.Water! =) Thanks again Mina for the BDJ coupon!

P.S. Taking of photos is not allowed… So I just took a photo of the BDJ coupon as a souvenir! =)

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Wrap my cam…

I decided to upgrade from a point and shoot camera to an entry-level DSLR.. Camera… Check!

I bought it with a free bag however it was such a biggie! So I decided to search for a smaller camera bag…

Thanks to my former dorm-mate! She advised me to check out!

I hit the mall at once and tried to find a camera bag with the following criteria:

  1. Shock-resistant
  2. Weather-resistant
  3. Small enough and handy
When I entered the Crumpler shop, I instantly asked the salesperson on their available camera bags. She handed me a brown bag with a “camera bag” tag. It has a name! 3 Million Dollar! The lady who assisted me enumerated the features of the bag. I was overwhelmed that each of the criterion on my list was ticked with a big check mark!
Take a peek on my wonder bag:
After hearing what the salesperson said, I immediately decided that I would definitely take the bag home with me! Upon paying, she handed me a free Crumpler matchbox! I was in awe on how small it is.
I have used this bag already in one of my out of town trips: Corregidor!
Mr.Sunshine stretched his arms that day even though we are already within the rainy season. My Crumpler bag proved its durability and other features!
I’ just wished Crumpler made more feminine colored camera bags. =)


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Sinkers and serenity on my tea!

I tried Bubble Tea before and other tea stalls such as SImple Line and Golden Chopsticks but Serenitea is different!

Yesterday, went to Robinsons Manila since the rain is pouring heavily. I wanted to watch Pirates of the Caribbean badly! I had no choice even though I want to see it at Glorietta or Greenbelt on 3d!

Luckily, when I checked Robinsons Manila’s cinema ticket booth, they also offer Pirates on 3d! Wee! Bought the last full show tickets with my hon and picked our seats (got the middle area)!

Aside from being able to watch a movie in 3d as I wished, got an additional treat for myself! Grabbed my own Serenitea!

Not just like the typical milk tea stores, you can choose your drink, sinkers and preferred sweetness!

I chose Wintermelon for my drink!

Sinkers: pearls + egg pudding

Sweetness: 50%


Hon’s pick:

Royal Milk Tea

Sinkers: Pudding

Sweetness: 75%

I savored each sip! I love the gummy texture of the pearls contrasted by the smoothness of the egg pudding!

Good thin I opted for a 50% sweetness! I tried hon’s 75% and I was overwhelmed!


Serenitea is really a must-try!

You can visit other branches:

San Juan Branch
Tel. Number: 3794166

Banawe, QC
Tel. Number: 2382545

BF Homes
Tel. Number: 7943288

Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa (Cinema Lane)


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Superfluously… Excessively!

su·per·flu·ous [soo-pur-floo-uhs]  Show IPA


1. being more than is sufficient or required; excessive.
2. unnecessary or needless.
3. Obsolete . possessing or spending more than enough or necessary; extravagant.
I am trying to stay away from SUPERFLUOUS things but I failed!
Can’t seem to resist anything with HEARTS!
I ended up splurging again!
Tried to stick with my mantra ” Don’t buy accessories! Save for something else.” Emphasizing: I TRIED!
But then again, I FAILED!
Take a look on how SUPERFLUOUSLY packed the Abbey necklace!
This saved my necklace from being crushed while it was being shipped out via Xend! =)
Removing the bubble cover:
No questions asked! It is indeed a SUPERFLUOUSLY necklace!
I just realized that the photos are so PINK! =p
P.S. Will post a photo wearing this dainty Abbey necklace soon!
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I heart HEARTS!

I heart hearts!

I am so elated today! Rheceived a package from It’s All About Hue (! Guess what?! It’s the MTO Heart tote bag! I ordered for the bag before the Holy Week but since I asked for a modification (change the tapes into zipper to secure the stuff inside the bag), it took me a couple of days to receive the merchandise!

I have been searching for an eye-catching tote bag that’s big enough for the things that I usually tag along with me. It’s All About Hue gave me what I wanted! A red tote bag with blue heart design!

To my excitement, I took photos of my new tote bag with the heart-designed socks I bought from Forever 21 and some heart rings from Anagon Collection!

Here’s a closer look to the rings from Anagon Collection!

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Mercato Centrale— YUMMY food for the TUMMY!

Woke up early just to eat… Not just eat my typical breakfast food… But make my tummy filled with yummy food! YUMMY for the TUMMY!

We were at Mercato Centrale as early as 10am.. As soon as we jumped out of the car, my eyes twinkled! It was like seeing Jesus in the stable with the Guiding Star above! =)

First stop!


Before we decided to try Mercato, I have read few blogs on what’s in store for us at the venue. I find Mochiko interesting because of the positive insights about their ice-cream-filled Moji balls!

Saw different flavors such as Strawberry… Chocolate… Caramel… typical…

Azuki Red Bean.. (remembered Azuki Milk Tea from Bubble Tea)… Made me decide to try this!

Black Sesame! Check!


Don’t bite your Moji ball as soon as it was handed out to you! You might break your teeth! Let it stand for 2 to 3 minutes!

Roamed around again while waiting for my Moji ball to soften a lil… And I found these!

I fell in love with the cupcakes!!!

Plus these——–> (ooopss… arrow down!)

I guess, I was lucky enough to visit Mercato before Easter! Got to see bunny-inspired sweets! I super adore rabbits!

Was able to spot these as well…

I really cant stop smiling while seeing different colors! (Child-like =p)

Hoped I could jump for joy when I saw a rainbow at Mercato!

Hmmm.. Enough with the sweets… Time to see what we had for our brunch…

Burger! Remembered the Off-beat burger! Chance to grab a bite!

It’s Krispy kreme original glazed donut-burger! Yum!

Off-beat Cafe also serves Ensaimada Burger!

My man wanted a bigger burger! 1/2 pound!

We also grabbed food-on-sticks! Chicken isaw, Shrimp Bacon and Kani Bacon!

After our protein-loading… Headed for a cold-rush! Ice cone!

Plus Merry Moo home-made ice-cream! Coffee Kahlua!

It was tasty and smooth! Must try Sea-salt Caramel next time!

To end our Foodie Trip… We grabbed Pan de Bagnet!

I’m from the North so Im thrilled to try our local specialty with a twist!

From sweets to fats to carbs to sweets to fats and carbs again! =p

Hope to find more food next time we hit Mercato!

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